Bible School

In the year of 2013 our dear friend and and also a co-founder of this Bible School Hartlen G. Coats inspired us to start a Bible School and run with the vision what God has put in our hearts to train national leaders for the work of the ministry. We are forever grateful to him for being a major part of this bible school which is existing today! 

Since 2014, when Grace School of Ministry was launched in the Guwahati, Northeast, INDIA. Grace School of Ministry remains steadfast in carrying out God's purpose of empowering Christians to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Grace School of Ministry was birthed out of a great need for believers to get established in grace, empowered in supernatural ministry and released into their destiny. God is raising up saints to shift  business, government, education, media, health care and the church into becoming love in every aspect of life.Many Pastors and Leaders have never had any bible education and know very little of what belongs to them through the Finished work of Christ. Our Bible School runs ever year and teachers come from all over the Globe as Austriala, India, Singapore, USA. Our heart desire is to see others come to the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. (John 3:3) (Rom 10:9,10) (John 3:16) 



Our church "Grace Church" was started in the year of 2010 shortly after starting our orphanage as we desired to hold service for our children at the home. After starting the church we also have people from our locality who have started coming to our worship service every Sunday.

We are here to reach our area with the Gospel of God's Unconditional Love & Superabounding Grace through the finished work of Christ!



Church Planting

We believe in reaching the lost, and for that we believe one way is to train up Pastors and Leaders through our Bible School and start planting Churches in different areas. As we work together in helping our Bible School graduates start new works throughout Asia we are excited to see the fruit our our ministry all for the Glory to God! 

We support some of our missionaries to help them fullfil what God has put in their hearts in seeing this vision come to pass. We encourage people who are called to have a church to go start from cell groups going from house to house. (Act 2: 46,47)