Current Projects

1. We currently are building dorms and classroom for our Bible School. We have completed over have of the project. We are still in need to complete the construction project. Please remember this in your prayers. The cost is $15.00 USD per sq ft. It's 3,600 sq ft. project. If you would help or like to see in detail the project profile plan CLICK HERE 

2. As we have grown in size with the Bible School here we have need of building more bathrooms. For us to be able to build the extra bathrooms and toliets would be a great blessing. – Estimated cost $5,000.

3. We have out grown our current buildings with children, and are believing God for a bigger land for us to expand our ministry to house more than 200 orphans. This land is just next to our current property which makes it very convenient to keep the ministry all together in one place. - Estimated cost $200,000

4. Sponsorship of National Missionary Family. We desire to sponsor more national missionaries working in the harvest fields. We personally oversea their ministry and work. - Estimated cost $200. per month.