Bible School Construction Project Profile 2017

  2nd Floor Dorms Construction Plan

3rd Floor Classroom Construction Plan

Bible School Construction

Project Profile of 3rd Floor

Bible School Classroom

Phase I.    COMPLETED   Building the Tin Roof with Steel/Cement Post
Phase ll.   COMPLETED   Building the Walls
Phase III.  COMPLETED   Building the Windows & Doors

Still Believing God to Complete

(Remaing Work to Be Done)

Phase IV.   False Drop Ceiling- (COMPLETED)

1. $2,500.  False Drop Ceiling (protect from heat of the tin roof). 

Phase V.    Electricity - (COMPLETED)

1.    $1,200 Electricity Wiring Labor with Supplies .               

Phase VI.   Floor Tiles

1.    $3,200. Floor Tiles including Labour and Supplies.
a)    LABOR $1,000.
b)    Tiles $1500.
c)    Sand $400.
d)    Cement$300.

Phase VII.   Paint

1.  $2,830.  Paint, including Labor and Supplies.
        a)    LABOR $900
        b)    Paint $1,830.

Phase VIII. Final Building Details

1. $1620. Final details.
                a)     $180. Ceiling Fans (9) - (COMPLETED)
                b)     $140. Tube lights (11) - (COMPLETED)
                c)     $1,300. Microphones (2) & Speakers (4)

$41,000. Received toward Bible School Construction.
$10,000. Remaining needed to complete Bible School Construction.

Cost per square foot: $15.00
Total square feet of Bible School: 3,600'
Square feet paid for:  2,427'
Square feet remaining:  1,173'

We have received 75% so far as of Oct. 1st 2017 of the total amount towards to complete the Bible School and Church Construction. We Praise God for this amount and trust our Heavenly Father to provide the remaining amount to complete this good work for us to continue to train the Nationals in INDIA for the work of the ministry. (Eph 4:12

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